Sterilization Services


The newest incision-free female sterilization procedure. The hormone-free procedure is minimally invasive, highly effective, and covered by the state Family PACT program.

Essure® is a permanent birth control procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy. This gentle procedure can be performed in a doctor's office in less than an hour.

The benefits of Essure® over traditional tubal ligationsterilization

  • It's safer.
  • No cutting or burning.
  • No visible scarring.
  • No going under general anesthesia.
  • No trip to the hospital for surgery (can be done at the Orange Health Center).
  • Short procedure time.

Comparing Essure® to tubal ligation



Tubal Ligation

How Is The Procedure Performed?

A soft, flexible micro-insert is delivered through the vagina and uterus and placed into each fallopian tube. Tissue grows into the micro-insert (usually over 3 months) and forms a natural barrier so the sperm cannot reach the egg.

Usually performed as a laparoscopic procedure, under general anesthesia. Gas is used to expand the abdomen so surgical tools can be inserted. The fallopian tubes are blocked by one of these methods:

  • Clamping with metal clips or plastic rings
  • Cutting away a section of the tube
  • Burning a portion of the tube

The clamps, rings, or clips remain in the body. Stitches or staples are used to close the cuts.


99.95% at 1 year 99.80% at 4 years

99.45% at 1 year 98.82% at 4 years 98.15% at 10 years

Where performed?

At the Orange Medical Center

In hospital

Procedure time

13 minutes

30 - 45 minutes

Recovery time

1 - 2 days or sooner

4 - 6 days

Post-procedure pain/discomfort

  • Cramps
  • Discharge

  • Cramps
  • Discharge
  • Pain at the wound
  • Bloated abdomen and/or sharp pains in the neck or shoulder (due to gas used)
  • Bruising around the wound
  • Feeling tired and achy

Reliance and Test

Reliance can begin at 3 months when the Essure confirmation test confirms placement and blockage of the tubes.

Immediate/no test to confirm success

For more information please download the Essure information pamphlet or watch the Essure video.


Vasectomy is a safe, effective, permanent form of birth control for men. During a minor surgical operation, the vas deferens (the tubes in which sperm travel to the penis) are closed off.

Ejaculation is not disrupted, but semen contains no sperm so pregnancy can't happen.

Vasectomy procedures are performed on site at a Planned Parenthood medical center, including counseling before the procedure, the procedure itself, and semen evaluation after the procedure.

Many health insurance plans cover vasectomy services, and services are available at low cost to men who are uninsured or under-insured.


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